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Californian Boats for Sale

Californian Yachts, an American company well regarded by yachting enthusiasts who appreciate luxurious, moderately priced vessels, was founded by a designing duo that revolutionized the trawler yachts industry with their innovative creations. Californian Yachts’ historybegins in the 1970s, when partners Jule Marshall and Myrna Elliott came together with a single goal: to create fast, luxurious, top quality trawler yachts at a moderate price. Californian Yachts has undergone several ownership changes since, but Marshall’s unwavering dedication to creating semi-custom pilothouse yachts that are fast, maneuverable, and affordable has remained the cornerstone of Californian Yachts to this very day. Now joined with Navigator Yachts, Californian Yachts remains a true American treasure.

At the time of Californian Yachts inception, trawler yachts had an uneven reputation: they were comfortable and fuel efficient, but also expensive, frustratingly slow, and unable to keep up with the faster sport fishers and powerboats on the market. Marshall redesigned the hull and superstructures, using a semi-displacement hull and ramping up the horsepower. Elliott designed the interiors, creating luxurious, comfortable surroundings with a roomy feel. In 1976, one of the company’s first commercially successfully models, the 42 LRC trawler, was launched, introducing the trawlers to a wider audience who appreciated the yacht’s exceptional handling, impressive fuel economy, and affordable pricing.

Through the years, Californian Yachts has undergone a number of ownership changes. Marshall sold the company to Wellcraft Marine in 1980, but continued to build some vessels for Wellcraft before reacquiring the brand in 1984. Marshall sold the company again in 1986, this time to the Carver Corporation, and concentrated his energies on starting a new company, Navigator Yachts, with his two sons. In 1991, Marshall once again purchased Californian Yachts. He now designs for both lines, continuing to create vessels that offer maximum speed and maneuverability, superior fuel economy, and a lavish feel at an affordable price.