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Symbol Yachts for Sale

“Founded in 1982, Symbol believes that the success of any business lies in its base of good people. Recognizing the importance of the artistry, skill, and craftsmanship of a matured boat building industry above cutting costs.

With well over 30 years of experience throughout various Taiwanese shipbuilders, Jimmy Cheng, the CEO, founded Symbol as the first production boat builder of planning hulls in Taiwan. Symbol has a good solid record of meeting International Standards and worldwide well-known marine societies’ requirement like ABS and etc. demonstrated best amongst others by a 58’ Yacht Fisherman we built for the government of Queensland, as well as the PIL Harbour Launch built for Hong Kong.

 In 1998 world renown naval architect with 4 decades of experience, best known for his mega yacht designs, Jack W. Sarin, signed on to become Symbol’s exclusive designer. Our line of fine luxury yachts has contained many models size from 45’ upwards to 88’ with the exception of a few models, most are designed by Jack W. Sarin Naval Architects, Inc.

 At Symbol beauty is not just skin deep. Our belief is that our customers are not just looking for an inexpensive Sarin look-a-like; they expect a beautiful boat with a superbly engineered base. To truly understand the benefits of melding Jack W. Sarin’s ingenuity with Symbol’s experienced building know-how we encourage you to contact your closest Symbol dealer/ contact party, ask questions, and look beneath the surface. Above all, because some of the finer details, such as the true artistry behind Jack W. Sarin’s lines and the contour of his hull are most apparent by experience, we urge you to request a sea-trial and learn for yourself the difference between true value and a good bargain.” 

Although we're licensed to sell you ANY YACHT IN THE WORLD, here is the inventory of Symbol yachts available for purchase in Southern California. Of course, these aren't our exclusive listings, but feel free to find the boat you'd like to see, and we'll be more than happy to help you buy her! We're the #1 brokerage for representing buyers on brokerage yachts in Southern California. If the boat you're looking for isn't here, give us a call. We can search the worldwide MLS to discover your dream yacht.