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Pacific Seacraft Boats for Sale

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Pacific Seacraft Yachts are built for the seas.  The basics of the design have stayed the same because the demands of the seas haven't changed

About our Heritage

Pacific Seacraft was named by FORTUNE magazine as builder of one of America's best products.  Well over 2,000 Pacific Seacraft yachts, from the mighty Flicka to the stunning Pacific Seacraft 44, have been sailed with confidence and comfort to the far corners of the world.  They are beautiful; they are superb performers; they are strong...very strong.

Pacific Seacraft is featured in "The World's Best Sailboats, Vol II" by Ferenc Mate.
"As in Volume I, I chose only builders who truly have their hearts and souls in sailboats, who continue to contribute and invent, while never losing sight of practicality, quality and beauty; their works are ones you could safely and proudly pass down to your children."

-Ferenc Mate