What does Massachusetts' Commissioner of Aeronautics do for fun? He does fly planes on occasion, but his real passion is on the water. Bob Mirabito is, among many other things, a 59-year-old former college star quarterback who knows how to enjoy the successes of his life. Last July he purchased his fourth Tiara, Fair Winds, a 41' Open, at the Tiara Rendezvous. His first, purchased in 1975, was the largest boat in the line at the time. "I moved on to much larger boats and had to leave Tiara. They couldn't keep up with me," he quips. He has since stood at the helm of almost a dozen vessels, including a 45' Viking, a 45' Hatteras, a 75' Director Chris Craft and a 110' Lydia. The largest was an aircraft carrier in the 1960s. Recently Mirabito, who was once an ocean operator, has been working his way down the line again. "We wanted to get out of the entertainment business and get into boating," he explains. "This time they are building bigger boats and I can grow right along with them, grow within the family," Mirabito says of his decision to go back to Tiara. 
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