54' HANSE 540E (2008) OFF MARKET

Performance! If you want performance, then on board an epoxy composite sloop is the place for you. The deepest keel available is already included standard. Recuperation! You can sit back with the crew and savour victory or spend some more quality time with your family.

Images and description courtesy: (Hanse Yachts)

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Decisions, Decisions! Would you like to be surrounded by cherry? Or do you need 2 cabins forward? One thing is certain, you have plenty of choices!

Persuasive! To really appreciate the new changes to the deck layout on the 540e, you need to come on board and see them with your own eyes.

Light and Stable. The 540e is made out of an epoxy composite and there is a very good reason for it. The epoxy composite makes the hull and deck particularly strong. Epoxy composites are very durable and rarely suffer from fatigue. Your 540e is up to 20% lighter than other similar sloops and osmosis is practically no longer a problem; two issues of great importance for owners who like to move fast