35' SEAWIND 1000 XL (2008) "MARIAH"


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Introducing the Seawind 1000XL catamaran, featuring many fantastic new features such as: 850mm Transom Extension, Forward Opening Windows, Self-Tacking Jib, 2:1 Main Halyard, Single Line Reefing, boom cradle and more!

Seawind 1000xl Catamaran for sale


In 1994, Seawind Catamarans launched the first Seawind 1000. A 33 foot cruising catamaran with a unique design and modern lines. In that same year, the Seawind 1000 won the “Australian Cruising Boat of the Year”, the first time such an award had been bestowed on a Catamaran. Since then over 100 boats have travelled down the Seawind 1000 production line and into the hands of their new owners, anxious to begin cruising on their new dream boat.

Seawind 1000xl Catamaran for sale

Designed to cope with the rugged and variable conditions of Australia’s coastline, the Seawind 1000 is widely considered a great ocean going yacht due to design features such as flared hulls for additional buoyancy, triple point reefed mainsail to easily de-power, and foam core construction for additional strength, just to name a few. However the Seawind 1000 is also one of the best designs for entertaining guests or taking the family sailing as a result of the uniquely designed cockpit and saloon.

Seawind 1000xl Catamaran for sale


Unlike any conventional yacht or catamaran, the Seawind 1000 avoids dividing the saloon and cockpit by combining the two into one large living and entertainment area with enough room to sail with up to 22 people aboard. Even the saloon table converts into a huge king size bed. The aft targa seating not only accommodates the all important BBQ, but also supports the solar panels that double as shade over the seats. The dinghy can also be raised onto davits supported by the Targa.

Seawind 1000xl Catamaran for sale

Good performance in a cruising catamaran means a marriage of style, performance and function with an overall requirement for safety, security and people friendliness. The Seawind 1000 blends these features beautifully using modern lightweight materials and traditional boat building skills. With the Seawind 1000 you get a performance cruising catamaran with an interior second to none.

Seawind 1000xl Catamaran for sale

Using an elegant blend of traditional timber craftsmanship and modern materials the Seawind 1000 interior is practical to use, easy to maintain and a joy to live in. The galley would do a 60 footer proud. Located in the starboard hull it is well away from through traffic and has huge panoramic windows to give a light airy workplace.