Beyond elegance, beyond sportiness. Beyond sleek harmonious lines and punchy performance, Atlantis 50 offers the boatowner even more: with easy navigation thanks to a hull designed for maximum comfort and the elegance of a coupe. In essence, it is simply a matter of striving for excellence every day in everything we do, engaging in the most meticulous materials research and scrupulous component selection. In essence, a design requires simply months upon months of effort.

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ATHLETES, SAILORS, DESIGNERS, INVENTORS, ARTISTS: Italians have heritage, passion, and character, just like the yachts in our 5 collections, the most comprehensive range in the world today, where the unmistakeable Made in Italy style meets innovation. ATLANTIS, MAGELLANO, FLYBRIDGE, S, GRANDE: sportiness, exploration, elegance, technology and individuality. 5 ways to live at sea, each bearing the unique hallmark of Italian style.

Azimut Atlantis 50 Run

And in essence, it is simply thanks to all this - as well the work of our collaborators worldwide - that a sunset at anchor becomes a dream. Azimut Yachts. Down to the last detail. In essence a yacht is simply excitement on the water. In essence, the beauty of the design is simply our Italian heritage which we export around the world. In essence, developing the most innovative technology requires simply years of preparation, and checking safety simply the most demanding tests.

2015 Azimut Atlantis 50 Emblem

Identify, celebrate, harmonize... we look for that special detail that makes each model unique; we give each yacht its own identity within the collection; each day we try to find that ideal balance between sportiness and elegance... that is our mission for the Atlantis.

2015 Azimut Atlantis 50 Salon

The balance between quality, safety, elite performance, and the unmistakeable imprint of Italian Style. The Atlantis collection was created to offer a unique on-the water experience, one where the Azimut expertise in the sport cruiser world would be expressed in a design concept that merges sportiness with comfort and ease of navigation. The result is pure excellence, authored by Azimut Yacht in collaboration with the style professionals at NeoDesign. It is the perfect alchemy of beauty and functionality, the dream of freedom, of being ready to head off into the blue.

2015 Azimut Atlantis 50 Helm

THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY, THE MOST FASHIONABLE DESIGN, THE MOST INNOVATIVE MATERIALS, AND THE MOST SPOT-ON SERVICE. At Azimut Yachts, everything is geared towards excellence, starting with the professionals we work with. Each day, a team of architects, technicians, and skilled boat builders works towards the most advanced solutions, imbuing each yacht with that special Made in Italy style down to the very last detail, ensuring that every moment on board is exactly how you imagined.

2015 Azimut Atlantis 50 Deck

Technology designed to excite. Ease and comfort: the outside is all yours to enjoy with the convertible table and retractable swim platform for spending special moments by the water. Open-air versatility and convenience: out on the open water, for absolute relaxation.

Azimut Atlantis 50 Salon

Open water to be explored, enjoyment to be shared. Everything revolves around the living and kitchen area. A clever layout reconciles functional needs and encourages socializing onboard. Lunches, dinners, and pleasurable moments of relaxation: the joy of companionship, the thrill of a water view.

2015 Azimut Atlantis 50 Master Cabin

Extra comfort comes standard. Light-filled, water view out over the horizon, and equipped with all the conveniences and sophisticated design touches. The master, VIP, and guest cabins provide a private oasis after long days onboard.

Azimut Atlantis 50 VIP Cabin

2.85 metres and is designed for easy haulage. Alternatively, the tender can be housed in the spacious garage. The fully-equipped kitchen with microwave, built-in 215-litre refrigerator, and 4-burner cooktop is within easy reach of the main deck dining area.

Azimut Atlantis 50 Galley

An exquisite skylight can be opened to illuminate the entrance to the boatowner cabin. All the excitement of having natural light below deck combined with instant energy savings. Attention to detail: each bathroom has a separate entrance and standalone glazed shower stall with seat.