Last March the opportunity arose to leave the chill of Michigan and meet up with Kevin Falvey from Boating for a fish trip aboard the new Tiara 4200 Open. Meeting at Allied Richard Bertram/Ft. Lauderdale, we joined Ben Smith (local fish finder) and Capt. Chris Scrimger, on a beautiful south Florida morning. Ben suggested that we set off to Miami, where the concentration of baitfish had been greater than off Lauderdale. Running with a set of 700 HP CAT C-12’s at 2100 RPM gave an efficient 32-knot cruise for the quick trip down to Miami. Kevin and I had a chance to talk about the lineage of the 4200, and why it didn’t look like a typical sport fishing machine. I noted that the sloping sheer line, fiberglass windshield, and reverse transom of the 4200 were characteristic of the Tiara Open Series. The 42 also took attributes from the 4100 and 4300 to create the perfect platform for cruising or fishing.
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