Boat Financing

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What we can offer:

Cash out loans using your home as an investment tool to obtain lower interest rates that may be tax deductible.


You owe $350,000 on your home that has an estimated value of $500,000. You intend to purchase a boat that is valued at $50,000. New loan will be $400,000. Payoff old loan and receive $50,000 to purchase your boat of choice. You have more purchase power with cash then with boat financing.

Boat loans on average have interest rates around 5% and that is considering a newer model boat. Anything over 20 years old is subject to higher rates.*

Current interest rates for cash out on owner occupied homes are currently around 4% and your home loan interest can be tax deductible. (consult a licensed CPA for any questions regarding interest deductions)

Boat loans are also deferred to having a term of 15 years or less (typically). This causes payments to be twice as much than if you were to include in a 30 year fixed home loan. Reduce monthly payments and monthly interest by utilizing your home as a powerful tool in your investment purchases.

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