Porter Site Concealment is the industry's leading cell tower site concealment company in the United States, providing quality products to their global clients. From lease owners to city planners, to international business developers, they've made even Stealth and Site Concealment companies' towers look like sore thumbs in their environment. From Monopalms to Monopines, their creative approach to concealment is rivaled by none, showing they are a sustainable company who will be the new leader in the industry. Covering all carriers like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile, any rooftop panel, palm or pine will blend in with any environment. For more information, visit their site! 

In partnership with Phoenix Drones, they will be offering their clients an HD aerial view of their concealment projects in their environment. Althoug they're not the largest company in the industry, their quality stands far above the rest. Most city planners and lessors in the area know about them and their reputation for using the highest-quality materials. in the industry.

Dwain Porter and Vito Milano, the company's founder and lead manager, maintain a great level of pride in their work, and monitor the manufacturing and distribution process closely. Every panel and enclosure is checked for environmental and structural integrity, proving that their construction process withstands even the most windy and brutal weather.