November 1, 1998

Caterpillar's Engine Products Division is pleased to announce a significant upgrade of its 16-cylinder 3616 engine for marine fast transport. Power is increased six percent, to 6000 bkW at 1020 rpm, without increasing peak cylinder pressure. Other improvements include smoother acceleration, improved efficiency, better emissions levels, and more flexible installation requirements.

The new Cat 3616 will be available on a limited basis during first quarter 1999, with full production set for second quarter. The first vessel to use the upgraded engines -- six 3616s driving three Lips waterjets -- is currently under construction at Rodriquez Cantieri Navali. Armas Group will operate the 36000 bkW ferry in the Canary Islands, with service scheduled to begin in June, 1999.

The new 3616 incorporates several design features originally developed for the 18-cylinder Cat 3618 fast transport engine. The most significant of these include a new turbocharger design and compressor bypass system that combine to boost turbocharger efficiency 65 percent.

The new compressor bypass system allows more efficient engine operation at full power, without causing surging at part load such as during acceleration. Increased air flow through the engine improves both fuel consumption rates and internal temperatures.

Latest developments in aerodynamic design and material technologies allow the new turbocharger to have more capacity, higher efficiency, higher pressure ratio capability, and longer service intervals. The air-cooled turbo uses a single piece casting turbine wheel manufactured from high strength nickel alloy to provide robust and reliable operation.

Charge air cooling requirements are easily met by the existing aftercooler, which gained nearly 50 percent efficiency during the 3616's previous upgrade two years ago.

The new 6000 bkW Cat 3616 gains installation flexibility by offering optional front- or rear-mounted turbochargers and remote lube oil coolers.

The turbo option allows placement closer to combustion intake air sources. This can result in cooler intake air for improved engine operation and less duct work required during installation. In addition, there’s the convenience of being able to route the exhaust piping direct from front-mounted turbos. The new Armas Group ferry will be the first boat to feature 3616s with front-mounted turbos.

A new cam design allows faster engine speed, and the standard fast transport 3616 meets all International Maritime Organization (IMO) emissions requirements at the new speed. Previously, a special engine arrangement was required to meet IMO requirements.

The 3616 upgrade represents one more step in Caterpillar's continuing commitment to the growing marine fast transport market. With 500,000 hours of operation in fast craft worldwide, Cat 3600 engines have established a reputation for providing the high power levels, significant fuel savings and exceptional reliability rates required by this demanding application.

Further Information:

Caterpillar offers the 3600 Engine Family in two distinct configurations: distillate and heavy fuel. Both are optimized to provide the lowest operating cost - whatever the fuel used. The Cat 3600 Engine Family offers outstanding thermal efficiency, converting a full 45% of the available energy into work.

Reliability and Economy
Because of the built-in ruggedness, Cat 3600 distillate fuel engines are designed to deliver up to 40,000 hours between major overhauls and 20,000 between minors. Brake specific fuel consumption is as low as 187 g/kW-h (0.307 lb/hp-h) with two water pumps, a fuel and oil pump installed.

3600 Marine Propulsion Ratings by Rating Class

"A" Ratings


Maximum Continuous