The largest of Detroit Diesel's 92 Series engines, the I 6V- 92TA is capable of generating 1,450 bhp. Considering its relatively compact size (54.3"x49"x111.4") and its 1,472-cubic-inch displacement, that's quite an accomplishment: almost one horsepower per cubic inch.

DDEC, the company's patented computerized electronic engine governing and fuel injection system, gets much of the credit for this high output. By electronically monitoring and controlling fuel and air mixture, injection timing, intermittent accessory loads, and engine synchronization, DDEC increases horsepower by about three percent (the non-DDEC 16V-92 is rated at 1,400 hp), reduces smoke, and improves acceleration. DDEC's monitoring function also makes it easy to pinpoint troubles for quick maintenance or repair. 

This review/article originally appeared in Power & Motoryacht Magazine, June 1994 and is written by Jim Gorant. For more great powerboat reviews, visit their website and subscribe at: