In the new DDEC 8V-92TA, Detroit Diesel combines second-generation electronic control with highly developed turbocharged, aftercooled, by-pass blower two-stroke technology and compact V-8 configuration to produce a high power density: 760 bhp from 736 cubic inches and 3.470 pounds (dry). As a result, these engines are almost perfect candidates for yachts the type and size of the Rybovich 54.

Like all Detroits, the 92 series is wet-sleeved for cylinder cooling efficiency that promotes longer bore and component life. These engines also incorporate dual-drilled main crankshaft journals for increased oil· film thickness at the main journals, resulting in significantly improved main-bearing life. Durable cast-iron water jackets dramatically reduce turbocharger surface temperatures by up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes working around the engine both safer and more comfortable.

The Detroit Diesel Electronic Control (DDEC) is a computerized electronic engine-governing and fuel- injection control system that's self-managing and virtually eliminates the need for tune-ups and adjustments for governor, transient smoke, and injector-rack setting. DDEC continually monitors all critical engine operating functions and data, and alerts the operator to malfunctions before expensive damage can occur. The system also stores the applicable malfunction codes in memory for later retrieval and evaluation during troubleshooting and corrective maintenance.

DDEC improves engine performance and responsiveness by precisely controlling engine operation according to load and varying ambient conditions. With DDEC, fueling and injection are timed to match engine air flow during acceleration and at other times for optimal combustion characteristics, eliminating the need for mechanical smoke control. DDEC also provides precise, automatic engine synchronization both at constant speed and during acceleration.

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