The standard diesel in the 4587 Motoryacht is the H250D; the optional H310D is nearly identical except in horsepower. Both are in-line, six cylinder, four-cycle engines displacing 5.8 liters (351.4 c.i.). Both are turbocharged, after-cooled, freshwater cooled, and have cast-iron cylinder blocks with replaceable dry liners. Both crank-shafts are die-forged and induction-hardened steel with counterweights.

The primary difference is the direct-injection system, with the 250-hp engine using Bosch injectors and the 310-hp H310D using Zexel-AD injectors. Hurth's 630-A transmission is used on the smaller engine, while the larger engine uses the Hurth 800-A. 

Having used Hino diesels since 1984, Bayliner now installs Hinos standard in all its yachts over 36 feet. 

This review/article originally appeared in Power & Motoryacht Magazine, April 1994 and is written by Chris Caswell. For more great powerboat reviews, visit their website and subscribe at: