A V-12, the D2842 LE402 has a swept volume of 22.1 liters with a 5.04-inch bore and 5.59-inch stroke. Its turbochargers are encased in engine coolant while its charge air is cooled by sea water circulating through an intercooler. 

The engine develops 1,100 hp out of 3,542 pounds and is compact, too, with a power-to-size ratio of 15.6 hp cubic foot. Height is a modest 42 inches and width just 46.7 inches.

The D2842 LE402 is relatively fuel-efficient and emission-free thanks to a turbocharger-injection system that maximizes combustion throughout the power curve. 

Output at lower speeds where turbo boost is usually of limited help is enhanced because the turbochargers are designed to pump a large volume of combustion air at low speeds. Combined with multiple-hole injectors, this "extra" air results in better acceleration, optimum combustion, and better exhaust quality. 

According to the manufacturer, a waste gate (bypass) system prevents excessive boost pressure at higher engine speeds. 

This review/article originally appeared in Power & Motoryacht Magazine, June 1994 and is written by Bob Armstrong. For more great powerboat reviews, visit their website and subscribe at: https://www.powerandmotoryacht.com/uncategorized/subscribe-power-motoryacht