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The 4JH2-HTE packs more power into less space

Another superb engine to help complete the JH range
This 56.0kW engine inherits the many fine characteristics of the JH range. Low weight, many advanced engineering features and a space-creating low profile give undreamed of space. Four close-pitched cylinders form a compact block while a shorter skirt drops engine height. Sleeveless cylinder walls allow a big bore of 82mm. With the improved power/weight ratio is a better fuel consumption, one of the advantages of its precise direct injection system.

Built to keep peak performance
A water-cooled turbocharger, a hi-torque crankshaft and a more efficient cooling system extend engine life longer than ever. Latest alloys in the oil pan, gear train and flywheel housing give a new level of lightness.

A cleaner form of power
More purity comes from the directly injected JH2. A boost compensator reduces emissions, even under bursts of power, while accurate parts finish and fine component timing result in better combustion. Cleaner gas emission also results from the higher pressure of the fuel injection pump and the intensified fueVair swirl of the helical intake port.

Effective cooling gives smooth power
Handling the greater thermal loads of this engine is a more efficient coolant flow. The turbo is also cooled by forced water circulation, thermo-controlled to reduces temperature fluctuation and parts expansion.

A highly practical engine
Port and starboard dipsticks ease oil checks in twin-engine boats. For auxiliary power front-end PTO can be chosen. And the latest digitalized instrument panel monitors all vital systems (optional).

Custom-made mounting
V-block engine mounts give the JH2 a smooth ride. Prop shaft alignment is easy for straight or angle / drive. 7° angle drive KM4A lowers the engine and creates more top space.

Shop West Marine for parts on Yanmar 4JH2 Diesel Engines!

Yanmar 4Jh2-HTE Specs

Yanmar 4Jh2 Specs

Yanmar 4Jh2


Vessels that have employed the Yanmar 4JH2-HTBE:

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