You've never seen a line of cruisers quite like our new 2004 Chaparral Signature Series. From our flagship 350 to the value-minded 240, our 2004 fleet is sure to include a cruiser that's custom designed to your exact needs. Shopping for a cruiser but confused in a sea of claims and counterclaims? We can help. Get out your checklist and compare feature for feature. We not only invite the scrutiny, we welcome it. At first glance you'll notice a difference in style, workmanship and appointments. The Chaparral Advantage will be crystal clear. When you get to the bottomline, it's important to remember that our Signature cruisers are often equipped with standard equipment that rivals only offer as costly upgrades. A calculator comparison shows that a Signature cruiser includes a long list of standard equipment that would could cost thousands and thousands more in options from the competition. Once you balance the scales, you'll find there's actually no
balance at all. And while there's a difference in price, the real difference is our boats. When it comes to no-holes barred comfort, roominess and luxury, there isn't a cruiser on the water that compares with our flagship 350. Luxury just took on a new meaning. Our 270, 290, all new 310 and 330 Signatures set the standard by which family cruisers are now judged. Weekend getaways will never be the same. Our value-minded, fully loaded 240 and 260 Signatures are the ideal way to launch your family into the wonderful world of the cruiser lifestyle. These next-generation cruisers are stylish, elegant, classy, durable and spacious. Advantage Chaparral has never been so clear-cut as it is with our Signature Cruisers

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