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How do you make a go-fast seem wider than it - and its competitors - really is? You give it a wider chine beam the way Donzi did with its 43ZR. Its 8'9" overall beam sounds typical, but the boat's beam from chine to chine is a full 8', about 8" to 10" wider than many boats in its class. That gives it more cockpit space for passengers and gear.

Usually more bottom in the water means more drag, but Donzi bypasses this problem with its Z-Tech stepped design. At speeds up to about 70 mph, the 43ZR rides on the middle surface between the first and second steps instead of on the aft bottom between the second step and the chine. At high speed, the boat still rides on the aft section.

To give the boat a more bow-up attitude, the bottom gradually flattens out in sections between the pad, strakes, and chine. This is especially important in turns because the boat won't nose dive. An experienced driver can correct against the slide and keep the boat under control.

Donzi makes the 43ZR comfortable to drive with the wheel and all controls in easy reach. Livorsi Marine Monster Series instruments and the mechanical trim indicators are all easy to spot when you're running 80 mph. Just ahead of the copilot are a glovebox and in-dash cooler. Molded steps make the ascent to the deck easy.

For an engine hatch that accommodates sunbathers and still lets the motors breathe, the center is cushioned and has recessed vents on each side. Beneath, the engines are staggered with the port forward, and both are installed on aluminum L-angles. The battery boxes and strainers are bolted to the center stringer.

Moving forward, a sliding hatch takes you belowdecks, which has a galley to port with a sink and the main distribution panel at eye level. Forward are two facing lounges that snap in place with a V-berth in the bow. Even down here, there's plenty of space to move around.


This review/article originally appeared in Boating Magazine, May 2006 and is written by Eric Colby. For more great yacht reviews, visit their website and subscribe at: http://subscriptions.boatingmag.com

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    [displayForm id=9] Photos and description courtesy: Donzi Yachts

    [displayForm id=9] Photos and description courtesy: Donzi Yachts

    [displayForm id=9] Photos and description courtesy: Donzi Yachts