Why world record holder Sue Wilson has chosen the Pacific Seacraft Crealock 34

Sue Wilson is a remarkable sailor. Forty-five years ago she took the helm of her first boat and began a relationship with the sea that has flourished over countless thousands of miles. Reflecting on her sailing background Sue admits to a lifelong obsession. "I've been obsessed with boats as long as I can remember," she says, "and I recall spending hours on the far side of Catalina Island gazing seaward. I always wondered what was out farther than I could see."

In 1974 she and a fellow professor sailed their 30-foot sloop from California to New Zealand via Mexico, the Galapagos and Tahiti, later discovering they'd set a new world's record: the first crossing of the Pacific Ocean by an all-woman crew. And in the intervening years Sue has sailed throughout the western Pacific and single-handed to Baja and mainland Mexico.

Sue Wilson's 1974 Pacific cruise set a new world's record.

Now she looks to the horizon and brims with excitement for further adventures. And she's chosen the Pacific Seacraft Crealock 34 to fulfill her dreams.

Pacific Seacraft 34 Diagram"I wanted to see if it was real" Sue's introduction to the Crealock 34 was one of love at first sight. "I was looking through some sailing magazines when I came across a picture Volunteer (Crealock 34, #29), and I thought, "Wow! That is the most honest, straight-forward looking boat I have seen in years. It was beautiful. I wanted to see if it was real! "So I called a very old friend of mine, a French shipwright, who is extremely knowledgeable and exceedingly particular: "I asked him if he'd visit the Pacific Seacraft factory with me, and he said, 'Yes. 'We spent four hours crawling in and out of every boat they had under construction. And we looked at each other; and he said, 'I am very; very hard to impress - and I am impressed.' "Before I visited Pacific Seacraft, I'd gone over many, many other boats very carefully," says Sue. "But with the Crealock 34, saw virtually nothing that could be improved upon. And the things I wanted changed to my tastes were changed. It's perfect. Perlect boat. Perfect boat!"

Quality and comfort
Sue's choice of the Crealock 34 was a well-considered one. "I decided that if I am to go long distance sailing again, I must go now," she says. "And I want to enjoy it, so the choice of boat is critical. The Crealock 34 offers the amenities and the room that I need. Her construction is superb. And she sails beautifully, even in these light airs we have off Newport (CA). She's responsive, which of course is very important to me." Sue Wilson is a sailor's sailor. I like to do my own work, because that helps me to really know my boat. And the Crealock 34 is the perfect size for me. She's exceptionally spacious, she's maneuverable, well designed, and she'll still be able co tuck into all the places my 30-footer could go -without being at all confining."

An exuberant Sue Wilson at the commissioning of her new Pacific Seacraft Crealock 34. The silver coin for the mast step was given to her in Papua New Guinea after her world record setting voyage across the Pacific.

"Life's too short to sail an ugly boat"
"I certainly wouldn't buy a boat just for looks," smiles Sue. "But if a boat is designed properly it will inevitably be handsome; and the Crealock 34 is a beautiful boat. The design is right: the sheer is fair and good; the house is nice and straight and true; the proportions are pleasing, and the boat isn't straining for effect. Aesthetics are very important to me and, as my varnisher says: 'Life's too short to sail an ugly boat!"

To enjoy the world
"So this is the beginning of a whole new and exciting life for me," says Sue. "I'm not out to make any records. I just want to enjoy. The world is beautiful and I don't want to miss any of it. And I think anyone who wants to do this can - they simply need to make the effort, and to find the right boat." Pacific Seacraft 34. Make your dreams come true.




    The Pacific Seacraft 34 does everything right. Designed by W.I.B. Crealock, the 34 exhibits a turn of speed that is normally the exclusive realm of the all-out racer, yet with the kind of construction that brings dreams of blue-water cruising within your reach.  Everywhere you look, from her solid bronze fittings and hardware to the exquisite detailing of her teak joiner work, the unparalleled excellence of the master shipwright is in...

    The Pacific Seacraft 34 does everything right. Designed by W.I.B. Crealock, the 34...

    The Pacific Seacraft 34 does everything right. Designed by W.I.B. Crealock, the 34 exhibits a turn of speed that is normally the exclusive realm of the all-out racer, yet with...



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