"Setting out in the Crealock 37 makes cruising all that much easier"

When Bill, Patty and Kelly Meanley set sail for a distant paradise in Dolfin, their Pacific Seacraft Crealock 37, they weren't quite sure what to expect. "We'd never been out longer than an overnighter before we left San Diego for a 3,100 mile passage to the Marquesas," smiles Bill. 'But everything was just fine.

Pacific Seacraft 37 Owner Review"Ua Pu appeared as a huge castle nature's shrine," writes Bill in a letter to friends. "Its steeples and spires rising literally to the clouds. With daylight fading rapidly we entered the small bay of Hakehau. A tropical sunset to the west set fire to the clouds and cast a pink glow to steep peaks whose shadows divided lush green valleys into every imaginable shade. For the first time we truly felt we were in tropical paradise."

And the adventure had just be~. Nine months later, with over 7,500 miles under their keel, this young cruising family is in New Zealand and still going strong. Exploring the world with the confidence of Pacific Seacraft.

Pacific Seacraft peace of mind
"Setting out in the Crealock 37--a boat truly designed and built for real offshore cruising-- makes cruising all that much easier,' says Bill. "We don't have to put up with the compromises inherent in so many other boats. Dolfin definitely gives me peace of mind.

And with good reason. Pacific Seacraft boats have long been the focus of sincere and heartfelt praise. Renowned sailing author Ferenc Mate' writes in his newest book, The world's Best sailboats that "without a doubt the most outstanding cross section of cruising boats in this book is built by Pacific Seacraft." FORTUNE magazine has included Pacific Seacraft in their recent issue devoted to the 100 American products recognized to be the finest of their kind in the world--the only sail boat builder represented. And perhaps most important, countless Pacific Seacraft's boats-from the mighty Flicka 20 to the stunning Crealock 37's--have been sailed with confidence and comfort to the far corners of the world.

Pacific Seacraft 37 Owner ReviewThe construction details are unsurpassed
Pacific Seacraft's boats are beautiful; they are superb performers; and they are strong. Very strong. The construction details of every Pacific Seacraft boat are unsurpassed: 100% hand laid and squeegeed hulls and decks; double flangeid, thru-bolted hull-to-deck joints; uncompromised structural bonding of bulkheads to hull and deck; solid bronze deck hardware thru-bolted and backplated; solid bronze U.L. approved seacocks; heavy bronze gudgeon supports at rudder bases; fully protective propeller apertures; one piece solid lead ballasts; superb engine access through cabin and cockpit-sole hatches; and American production ensuring immediate service for any reason.

A family affair Cruising aboard the Dolfin is decidedly a family affair. Kelly, who celebrated her 8th birthday in Moorea, contributes her share to the progress of the adventure. Bill writes of a dinghy trip to a tropical river in Nuku Hiva: "As we approach the shore where river meets bay the surf is breaking and Kelly informs me in no uncertain terms that we must not try it. Kelly seems to have arrived at the age of caution, aided no doubt by her participaion m many of my infamous exploits. I grudgingly retreat at all possible speed to the calmer waters at the other end of the beach, carefully masking my gratitude to Kelly for saving me from certain humiliation.

Pacific Seacraft 37 Owner ReviewBill smiles, "Kelly even sails the boat. We were on a broad reach from Huahine to Raiatea in 25 knots of wind and covered the 25 miles in 3 1/2 hours. The seas were steep, choppy and slapping against the hull pretty good--and kelly steered just about the whole way. She had to straddle the cockpit seats to reach the wheel, but she steered the boat with no problem. She really enjoyed it.

Balance and Control
"The boat is very well balanced and steers great with the windvane," says Bill. "Coming from Raratonga to Niue the trades were blowing really really hard--a sustained 30-35 knots, and up to 40--the seas were building and we were sailing under greatly reduced sail. Some steep cross seas were trying to knock the stem around. The waves were the biggest we'd seen. But still the boat tracked beautifully and the windvane kept us right on course.

"We sailed out of Nuku Alofa, Tonga on a beam reach in 15-18 knots of wind with a full main and 100% jib; then we sailed for 3 days straight averaging 150 miles per day, literally without touching a thing. Down below it felt like we weren't even at sea." Bill laughs, "I'd run up topside and look at the "knot meter which would be sitting between 7.3 and 7.4 and I'd just shake my head. I couldn't believe it. It's a fast, comfortable boat."

Bring your dreams home with Pacific Seacraft
"This is my third boat," says Bill, "and quite a move up from my old 27 footer. At first I was worried there would be a dramatic difference in sailing the 37. But I'll never forget how surprised I was when I discovered I could actually handle the 37 easier than my old 27 footer: Of course everything on the 37 is better rigged: much better winches and more of them and everything is laid out perfectly. Right from the beginning I was confident with the Crealock 37. It just felt natural.

It's a wonderful boat for a small family like ours. There's lots of stowage space, with drawers and lockers everywhere. A lot of boats bigger than the 37 aren't nearly as well conceived for cruising. Take the anchoring systems, for instance: I love the way the Crealock 37 is set up with three separate chain lockers and rollers. I have three anchors ready to go at a moment's notice, nothing to put together or hunt for. She is very, very cruisable. "I'm so happy with the boat. If I had to do it all over again, there's not another boat I'd rather own." The Pacific Seacraft Crealock 37. Let Pacific Seacraft bring your dreams home too.



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