Robert Perry designed the LaFitte44 and LaFitte66 as his "Ultimate Sailing Yachts" of their size categories. With grace, beauty, speed, seakindliness, and simplicity to suit the demanding seaman within us, and find-crafted luxurious accommodations to suit our aesthetic souls as well.

What is the philosophy of the Lafitte44 and LaFitte66?

Today, there are many excellent production and custom yachts being built throughout the world. Unfortunately, though, production builders must sometimes skimp on quality in one aspect or another of engineering, construction, accessories, or equipment in order to keep prices within affordable limits.

And custom builders must, of necessity, charge the full cost of one-off construction and development to the single yacht buyer. This can be, as you well know, quite high. At LaFitte, we feel these two options miss the point of providing the customer -you - with what you REALLY want: an excellently designed, engineered, constructed, and finished yacht. And one with provisions for customization in those areas most often desired and most economically expedient.

In other words, our philosophy is to take the ideal design, engineering, construction, equipment, accessories, and finishing, and combine them into the ideal yachts in their size categories. And then to provide customization where most desirable and practical. Thereby, you have the best of both production AND custom in the SAME yacht at an affordable price. We take the ideal, continue to improve on it, equip it with the very best, and customize where most desirable, then make it available to you at the least possible cost.

Could you be more specific about what goes into the LaFitte44?

Take, for example, the labor required to build the LaFitte44. Each LaFitte 44 involves roughly 12,000 manhours to construct, equip, and finish. An extraordinary amount for a 44' sailing yacht and comparable to the hours for fully custom yachts her size. But since each process is predetermined and organized for production efficiency, it is possible to sell the LaFitte44 at a production price. And these manhours, instead of going into duplication of effort as in the custom yacht, go into quality construction and finishing that is present in YOUR completed Lafitte.

What specifically about construction of the LF44 and 66 hulls makes these exceptional yachts?

Among other things:
-Full 3/4" Airex (1" in the LF66) core fiberglass. Extra thickness of today's ultimate hull material.
-Tinned copper wire, wire drawn through a lead solder bath and highly resistant to corrosion, is used throughout.
-Solid cast lead one piece external keel ballast, costly but worth it if ever grounded plus possessing a more efficient righting moment than cheaper, encapsuled keels.
-Extra-thick 'Y.." clear Burmese teak deck planking.
-Two coats of Interlux Micron (costly but worth it for extreme lasting properties both in and out of the  water) for extra-hard finish.
-Solid s.s. Aquamet rudder-post.
-Solid s.s. Aquamet propeller shaft.
-S.s. mast-step, engine-mounts, and keel-fairings.
-S.s. water and fuel tankage.

What in the equipment of the LF44 is exceptional for a production yacht?

-NINE Lewmar winches, two of them self-tailing 55s.
Nilsson electric anchor windlass.
-Four Bomar opening deck hatches.
- Nine opening Bomar ports with screens.
- 62 hp Perkins diesel engine.
- 3.5 kw Entec diesel generator.
- Nitronic 50 standing rigging with Norseman
fittings and Navtec 316 turnbuckles.
- Three Surrette 221 amp deep cycle batteries.
- Mariner galley stove.
- Brookes & Gatehouse wind and depth electronics.
- Integral SSB/ham radio ground. Over 100' of copper strap laminated into hull.
-Choice of interior fabrics.
-Lightning ground to keel.
- Seacocks, rudder fittings, prop strut, mast-step, keel-bolts, chain-plates, winches, toe-rail, and deck hardware bonded through engine.
- 7 cu. ft. refrigerator with 5 cu. ft. freezer with 5" polyurethane foam insulation with vapor barrier and run by Grunnert 3,4 hp, 110v compressor system.
-Three bilge pumps, two electric and one manual. A Rule 1750 automatic, Par Extra-Heavy Duty model34600 with alarm bell, and Guzzler manual accessible to the helmsman.
-Six 5/s" 40' nylon mooring lines, 180' of 3/8" BBB galvanized chain with 100' of 3/4" nylon
tail affixed, and 300' of 3/4" nylon with 3 fathom leader of 3/s" BBB galvanized chain.
- Teak fold-out cockpit table for cocktails and outdoor dining.
- Edson steering quadrant cable type pedestal.
- Bass electric panel with 11 AC & 33 DC breakers.
- Allcraft s.s. 12 gallon water heater.
-Custom s.s. stemhead fitting with massive anchor rollers as per Robert Perry special design.
-Double lifelines with Norseman Terminals.
And much more ...

What can you tell us about the features of the Lafitte66?

Being larger and possessing more possibilities for tailoring to owners' desires- there are virtually as many potential interiors as there are owners the LaFitte66 benefits from production methods in much the same way as the LF44, put allowance is made for more customization throughout. Four production interiors have been designed by Robert Perry to accommodate most special needs: charter, minimal crew, full crew, and passagemaking. Others available custom according to owner's demands.

What you're saying is that the "Ultimate" production yacht represents greater value to the buyer than a custom yacht for the same price?

That's right. And that the Robert Perry designed LaFitte44 and LaFitte66 are the finest production yachts their size you can find ... anywhere. Because they combine both the best of production and the best of custom. Write for more information about the remarkable LaFitte 44 and 66 today:

(Article originally sourced from David Dodd's SV Tenacious Website)