The journey begins.

Meridians intersect. Whether they’re yachts or lines of longitude. They also diverge and go their own way, mainly because the world is vast and there’s much ground—actually mostly water—to cover. Meridian Yachts has pursued its own course for close to 10 years—high time to start celebrating. What better way to do that than by committing the Meridian story to print? And that’s not simply the story of a company; far from it. It’s the story—many stories, really—of a rather small but steadily growing community of Meridian Yacht owners whose exacting tastes and demand for quality all led them to the same wise decision. Meridian Lines is the place to carry on that celebration.

From this premiere issue onward, Meridian Lines will be built to last—with timeless boating stories, news that remains relevant and advice that won’t soon outlive its usefulness. One note on reading Meridian Lines: Unlike most magazines’ beginnings, middles and ends, Meridian Lines is divided into four themed sections: Experience, Craft, Profiles and Destinations. You’ll discover what each section offers as you read. For now, simply proceed knowing that each attempts to capture a current that stirs in the Meridian world, both within and far beyond the company’s walls.

Lines may find a place on the coffee table of your salon, we hope, because it’s intended to be as much a companion on boating journeys as a conversation piece among fellow boaters. What’s more, we hope it serves to introduce many of the adventurous, passionate, colorful people who make up the Meridian Yachts community. When you see one another at the marinas of Fort Lauderdale, or perhaps snaking through a pristine stretch of Queen Charlotte Sound, you can skip the formalities and start trading stories.


Venturing Topside A husband and wife from New Zealand and their 459 Motoryacht embark on America’s famous Great Loop. +The 459’s creature comforts. +Cruise-planning resources. Full Circle An Alaskan family and their 490 Pilothouse make short work of a 1,200-mile trip up the Pacific Coast. +A nautical bookstore that can guide you on your way. Pier Fest Meridian Yacht owners gather to celebrate the 13th Annual Rally@Roche. +Meridian Yachts fit Pacific Northwest boating. +Gourmet galley cuisine from Roche Harbor Resort’s head chef, William Shaw.