Meridian Lines Vol 4 Issue 2

Exhilaration Welcome

Is there a better sensation than unfettered excitement? The kind that starts at gut level and builds as it heads north, tickling your chin and nose, before bursting into song somewhere just behind your eyes—a sweet symphony of anticipation and realization that plays only when something spectacular is about to unfold.

For Meridian owners, this sensation emerges with welcome regularity. That’s because you know how to carve out precious hours aboard your home away from home and indulge accordingly. Your Meridian is a key that unlocks enjoyment, adventure and relaxation—and once that door opens, you know you can return to that headspace again and again.

Meridian Lines Vol 4 Issue 2

Excitement and exhilaration course throughout this issue of Meridian Lines. On Lake Lanier in Georgia, a Meridian owner and his family claim every free weekend for sunset cruises and onboard feasts. In New Hampshire, a couple frequently shares their idyllic surroundings with friends. In their readiness to embrace joy, they are prime examples of capturing those enchanting opportunities every time you step off the dock and onto your Meridian.

Sometimes enthusiasm comes in discovering the finer details. Crafting beautiful yachts is extra satisfying when undertaken with an innovative spirit—turn to page 12 to see how Meridian continues to elevate all aspects of the yachting lifestyle. And when the next adventure presents itself, here’s to welcoming excitement with open arms.


Meridian LInes Vol 4 Issue 2

A chronicle of Meridian Yacht owners’ unforgettable journeys, gatherings and adventures. A place to share knowledge, expertise and the finer points that make Meridian a genuine boater’s boat.

Sea Bliss in Seattle A Seattle local in the hospitality business discovers that the 441 Sedan is the perfect yacht to satisfy his high standards for luxury. + The latest KVH TV technology keeps you plugged into all your favorite programming while you are a world away.


The construction, appearance and design of Meridian Yachts, explored in depth. A review of new technologies, unrivaled livability and accolades.

Moving with Style & Ease At the pinnacle of performance, luxury and comfort, Meridian continues to build upon its legacy of livability with sleek, powerful designs and unrivaled plush interiors. + Glenfiddich is the perfect accouterment to properly enjoy the small pleasures of life.

Meridian LInes Vol 4 441


Written by Randy Hess  |  Photography by Richard Steinberger and Jim Barrett

Meridian Lines 541

The romance and adventure of casting off and pointing your bow offshore is undeniable, irresistible, a pull we’d be foolish to hold out against. And yet we all know the allure of comfort. We all are easily seduced by the pleasures of relaxation, convenience and contentment. Meridian’s call to arms has always been that these two drives are not mutually exclusive. Nautical adventure and romance don’t require wedging your life into too small a space, and comfort doesn’t require a foundation dug into the earth nor a blocky houseboat.

Balancing these two pulls does not require compromise; it requires…balance.

Meridian LInes Vol4 Is2

“At Meridian, we strive for perfect proportions,” says Matt Guilford, vice president of marketing. “Our philosophy is that it isn’t a zero-sum game. Comfort does not have to come at the expense of cruise-ability nor vice versa. We strive to create the perfect proportion of each, and judging by the popularity of each of our models, we seem to be getting the balance right.”

The reason that Meridian has been the number-one selling bridge boat company in the world for most of a decade is because Meridian bridge boat buyers want extended cruising capabilities with maximized living accommodations. No other bridge company offers those both so well.

Meridians are performers, at speed or at the dock. Underway, hulls are stable and predictable no matter the conditions. Meridian helms breed confidence, with joystick-enhanced handling and uninterrupted sight lines. These cruisers are designed to be easily captained and crewed by couples, which makes your Meridian the perfect getaway, whether you are on a romantic cruise for two or entertaining guests.

Meridian Lines Vol 4 Is 2

And then once a Meridian reaches its destination, it is incredibly commodious and comfortable. Bridge boats are frequently preferred by people who spend a lot of time onboard, but space alone does not a great cruiser make. Cruising families who select a Meridian for weekend or week-long escapes feel smart, recognizing that true value comes when something does so many things so well.

These boats are incredibly well-rounded, but livability is perhaps every Meridian’s greatest virtue. The pleasing salon, with its twin-tiered windows offering views to the horizon whether seated or standing, invites leisurely lounging, gracious dining and easy entertaining. More than 6 feet of head-room throughout most of the boat enhances the feel of spaciousness, while clean, progressive styling soothes the senses. Sumptuous leather upholstery on the perfectly proportioned furniture as well as entertainment systems featuring leading-name electronics mean you’ll be forgiven if you choose to leave the cruising until tomorrow. You’ll be well rested after a night on one of the plush innerspring mattresses found in each of the spacious state-rooms, which are nicely separated for privacy and quiet. Heads are not crowded little comfort cubbies, but true refuges with refined surfaces and ample elbow room.

Meridian Lines Vol 4 Is2

Meridian Lines Vol 4 Issue 2“The sense of ‘adventure’ in some cruising boats is increased because you feel like you’re camping,” Matt explains. “It’s the comforts and space they leave out that make them feel adventurous. Meridians don’t increase the adventure by forcing discomfort on you. Each Meridian model is gracious, accommodating and inviting so that your time onboard increases your relaxation and ease.”

Livability begins on the drawing board and Meridian’s designers concentrate on convenience and ergonomics above all else. Smart layouts accommodate easy movement and access. Removable items like tables, posts and cushions all have dedicated storage solutions. Helms are designed with the most frequently used items close at hand and uninterrupted views to gauges, the horizon and every corner of the boat. The powerful ventilation system is integrated into salon panels, delivering luxurious comfort on the hottest days, and the wide-open design of the salons, cockpits and expansive bridges mean you and your guests will never feel crowded.

Embrace the relaxation, revel in the luxurious comfort and invite family and friends aboard your accommodating slice of heaven.

Meridians don’t merely soothe your senses; they also reduce anxiety with comprehensive warranties and extensive owner resources should you ever need backup. The 5-2-10 Warranty—with five-year protection against hull blistering, a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on systems and components and a best-in-class 10-year structural warranty—means you’ll sleep easy on those comfortable innerspring mattresses. Meridian’s global dealer network and worldwide availability of Cummins® and Mercury® engine technicians will keep you on the move wherever you’re going.

So, embrace the relaxation, revel in the luxurious comfort and invite family and friends aboard your accommodating slice of heaven. The good life requires balance, and every Meridian is designed with your good life in mind.


Portraits and accounts of the people living and shaping the Meridian Yachts story.

Champion of Breakfasts When a San Diego-based restaurateur finds downtime from tending to his busy kitchen, he and his wife explore in the comfort of their 441 Sedan. + The perfect wine pairing recipe idea for a romantic dinner. Inland Empire A Georgia couple had their new 541 Sedan shipped inland so they can host all of their friends on Lake Lanier. + Updates in navigation technology from Raymarine.

Meridian 541


The distant places where Meridian owners find themselves—be they home or very far from it. A taste of stunning coastlines and the rewards that lie at the other end.

Lake Winnipesaukee A New Hampshire couple uses their 441 Sedan to cruise around the enchanting settings of a historic New England getaway. + ValvTect’s most advanced treatment for your Meridian’s diesel engines. Fort Myers A pair of retirees discovers that the barrier islands off the Gulf Coast in Florida hold the secret to pure seaborne relaxation.

Meridian Lines Volume 4 Issue 2