This elegant cruiser was introduced to the press with a theatrical presentation that would have done justice to Barnum's best. While the dignitaries and executives were oohing and ahhing on the dock and the PR types were handing out brochures with complimentary bottles of designer water, guess where the boat guys were? The marine writers, with their scuffed deck shoes and dog-eared notebooks, were all grooving on a little switch in the cockpit. Flip it and the aft center section of the foredeck hinges up and the middle of the boat's big, curved windshield disappears into it; then the hatch closes and all is as before- except now the windshield is a walk-through. How to get to it? By using the teak-planked ladder that's permanently attached to the companionway door, of course. Slide the door shut, unfold the ladder and voila- instant access. Was this feature a big deal? By itself, maybe not, but when added to all the other design innovations on Doral's new Alegria 45, it justified the hype associated with the launch of this new express cruiser.
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