When you think of Floridian Noel Manheimer cruising the Atlantic out of Ft. Lauderdale where he lives, or the Straits of Florida past the Keys where he grew up, think made-for-TV movie. Manheimer, 34, could be a character in a Miami Vice-style thriller, with assorted bad guys smuggling drugs - and sometimes people - out of the islands south. He's the real thing. Manheimer is a vessel commander for The U.S. Customs Service. He spends his nights intercepting drug smugglers anywhere between Ft. Lauderdale, Key Largo, and the Bahamas. Most nights he commands a 39-foot Midnight Express center-console speed craft with three 225-horsepower outboards and capacity for 480 gallons of fuel. But on occasion he works undercover in a 150-foot shipping vessel. 
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