Form and Function Like matter and energy, they are two forces inextricably tied to one another. Form and function each alone can give rise to beauty and utility, but when their powers align, a special kind of art is possible, which leaves one unable to discern between fine aesthetics and exceptional craft. This is the space Meridian’s industry-leading designers and builders strive to create. They surely succeeded in marrying exquisite form and versatile functionality in crafting the 441 and 541 Sedans. This issue of Meridian Lines explores the similarities and common philosophy behind these two vessels. And given that the younger 541 carries forward principles originating with its elder sibling, you might say the 541’s recent accolade in the boating press—the flagship Meridian Yacht was named one of Boating magazine’s 10 Best Boats of 2012—is a title the two could share.
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