Our Offshore 62' Pilothouse is the most stable, soft riding yacht in its class. Timeless sleek lines, thoughtful design features and safe walk-a-round decks all contribute to the yacht's stunning good looks, comfort and convenience. With a low center of gravity and our William Crealock designed hull these yachts ensure unmatched comfort in all sea conditions.

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Photos and description courtesy: Offshore Yachts 

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Without exception, the handsome 62 pilothouse is the most stable, comfortable and sea kindly yacht in her class. What a wonderful home away from home to enjoy with friends and family in some far off destination. Her sleek, low silhouette has been updated and refined with raised bulwarks on the boat deck, recessed window frames, and a contoured shapely pilothouse roof. These new features are garnering looks from all who see her.

OFFSHORE’s are characterized by a generous beam for spacious livability and a finely-veed, deep forefoot that allows the hull to knife cleanly through waves and chop. This combined with a shallow keel, low center of gravity, and substantial displacement gives you, the user an easy motion and excellent handling characteristics in virtually any sea condition. Owning a boat with these capabilities you will be the envy of a true yachtsman.

"Having put some 400 hours on our boat in the first year, I can say with certainty that the ride and the comfort have been extraordinary. We also have had the opportunity to meet many discerning Offshore owners. Everyone involved with Offshore has made us feel very special. It's great being a part of the "Offshore Family." ---Gary & Sherrie Tossel, 58' Pilothouse, Simply Bliss

Look at the photos on these pages. Beautiful, certainly, but is that enough? The answer is no! Although everyone claims their product is the pinnacle of high standards, Offshore truly is a brand name built on quality. Below the fine carpentry, often out of sight, is the true guts of the word. The quality that gets you where you are going with confidence and comfort. Offshore pays a great deal of attention to the form, design and layout of its boats, because they know this will directly affect the lives and lifestyle of their owners.

Quality, whether it is found in our fully-furnished deck hatch undersides or the massive, wellded, stainless steel engine beds, often boils down to making an extra effort in areas even astute yachtsmen might never notice. What owners will notice is that their Offshore is a place they love to be in and love to use. It is a craft that brings adventure into your life and then brings you home safely, with more than a few great stories to tell the neighbors.

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