My wife and I live aboard a 45' Bayliner Pilot House Motoryacht. And when we were shopping for our boat, I was sure that 40' was the minimum size for home-style comfort. But after testing the new Bayliner 3988 Motoryacht, I'm willing to move my threshold down a foot. With a 39' hull length and a 13'11" beam, this dual-station cruiser is, of course, tighter than my 45, but it makes the most of the available space. For instance, the lower station-a must in my book-doesn't intrude on the salon. Its double-wide helm seat has a flip-down backrest that serves as a countertop when closed. The galley, directly abaft the helm, has plenty of cupboard space, especially under the double stainless-steel sink. This extra under-counter stowage comes from the use of shallow sinks. I'd give up some of this for deeper sinks, not only because they're better for washing dishes, but also because while underway they can hold gear that would otherwise become airborne.
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