The Hunter 460 offers all the amenities for comfortable cruising and a big bang for the buck... Today's cruising boats range from race-boat look-alikes with zero headroom to vessels with the comfort and sailing ability of a house in the Hamptons. Somewhere between these extremes lies the right compromise for most cruisers, and boat builders expend lots of effort staking out the right design niche for their market. Hunter Marine has developed this kind of market research into an art form: polling past clients, charting their responses, and using focus-group repartee to guide its new-boat design. According to Hunter, mainstream sailboat buyers want a vessel that's safe, simple to sail, and packed with conveniences that take the camping out of cruising. In the Hunter 460 we find a shoal-draft underbody, easy-to-sail rig, and comfort-oriented accommodations combined with a big bang- for-the-buck price tag.
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