Cruising goes high style on Meridian's new 391 Sedan... Launching a new family -or couples- oriented sedan at a time when the market is rife with attractive cruising- capable designs from both sides of the Atlantic is a project not to be taken lightly. To succeed, the builders must ensure that the owners of this new yacht design must immediately feel comfortable in their new surroundings, at home with the spaces where they plan to spend time relaxing and reading, dining, listening and watching and enjoying the great outdoors. And this comfort must continue once the power cords have been disconnected and the docklines have been cast off. No one knows this better than the designers of Meridian Yachts, whose new 391 Sedan Bridge debuted late last year following careful collaboration with its customers and dealers. Based on my recent experiences with this and other Meridian yachts, the 391 may be its most livable, cruisable sedan to date.
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