Dag Pike believes that, with its raised pilothouse, the Monte Fino 82 Skylounge will have a worldwide appeal. Italian-looking and built in the Far East, the Monte Fino 82 Cockpit Motoryacht is actually aimed at the American Market, with particular emphasis on easy maintenance. Chris Caswell Reports. Whether you are designing a mousetrap or a yacht, there is no trick to creating a look-alike of an already existing style. The real genius, of course, is to do it better, which is exactly the case with the Monte Fino 82 Cockpit Motoryacht. Italian styling is a phrase so over-used that it has become as passé as "Euro-styling" but, in this case, the yacht seen here is ineffably italian. With melted edges and a steeply raked windshield and bridge, it fairly shouts "Ciao" to the competition.
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