31' O'DAY 31 (1985) OFF MARKET

31' O'DAY 31 (1985) OFF MARKET

31' O'DAY 31 (1985) OFF MARKET

O'Day 31: A fine yacht with 25 years of integrity behind it and years of pleasure ahead. The O'Day 31 is a direct derivation of the very popular O'Day 30, a sailboat of easily verified pedigree. The C. Raymond Hunt Associates design has placed well in local and regional regattas and was second place finisher in a Yachting One-Of-A-Kind race series in Annapolis. The hull shape and form of the O'Day 31 are designed for sailing performance; distorted shapes that enhance interior space at the expense of sailing characteristics have been avoided.

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Description and photos courtesy: O'Day Yachts

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As you inspect the O'Day 31, the most obvious improvement over the O'Day 30 will be the transom boarding platform. This platform facilitates boarding for older and younger sailors as well as making the transfer of gear and supplies easier. The optional swimming ladder adds another dimension to cruising fun.

Another major improvement is an externally mounted ballast keel of lead. This 1) lowers the center of gravity, "stiffening" the sail-carrying ability of the O'Day 31; 2) should the boat go aground, lead absorbs more impact than cast iron with less damage than lead encased in fiberglass thereby lessening the shock to the boat, crew and wallet. The hydrodynamically-shaped keel is hollowed to keep ballast weight low down in the high lift design. The keel is sealed to a vestigal keel stub (which also forms a deep bilge sump) and bolted to the boat's transversal structural Uni-Pan pan meeting the engineer's highest requirements. Although this is the most expensive keel construction, O'Day uses it because it's best.

Below, you'll find that the ample width of the hull has allowed generous room for six in an open arrangement with much more space than usually found on a sailboat this size. The space you use but don't see is there as well: in addition to the obvious lockers and cabinets there are molded bins beneath the cushions, a deck gear bin and deep sail and equipment locker in the cockpit as well as generous hanging locker for wet weather gear and shore clothes. 

In the galley, in addition to stowage for food and utensils, there's room for the optional addition of an oven if you wish. You can further increase your cruising comfort by adding electric refrigeration in the well-insulated icebox. O'Day has built and equipped the standard O'Day 31 to be complete and ready for most sailors. The limited options will increase comfort and simplify sailing and handling, but none are essential to pleasant sailing. Many of O'Day's decisions regarding what you'd expect as standard equipment, and might optionally want, have been made from the thousands of yachts they've built and their owners' comments.

The overall construction of the O'Day 31 is as strong or stronger than any other American-built boat in this class. O'Day is among the leaders of the art and science of building boats: design including sailing ability and roominess; diesel power and fuel systems, spars and rigging systems, pan construction and rig anchoring systems. 

Today's O'Day Yachts are setting a new standard of quality that demands your inspection and consideration.

Hull Type:Fiberglass
Rigging Type:
Masthead Sloop
30.08 ft / 9.17 m
25.88 ft / 7.89 m
S.A. (reported):
436.00 ft2 / 40.51 m2
10.75 ft / 3.28 m
Draft (max):
5.25 ft / 1.60 m
10,100 lb / 4,581 kg
3,800 lb / 1,724 kg
First Built:1985Last Built: 1988
C. Raymond Hunt Associates

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