Attention to detail is the key to this swift, exquisitely crafted, American beauty. Man, it was quiet on the upper deck of the Lazzara 80, despite the size of the crowd in the pilothouse and expansive sky lounge abaft it. There was some serious computer firepower on hand, too, evidenced by rafts of laptops scattered about on consoles and tabletops and whole hordes of gigabytes fizzing across the three VEI (Valhalla Enterprises Incorporated) active-matrix flat-screen displays on the steering console. And as for technical expertise, in addition to a jump-suited mechanic and a skinny propulsion guru in a tee-shirt, Lazzara’s director of engineering Tom Croft was present, along with general manager Mike Schenk, sea-trial guru Wayne Searles, and marketing v.p. Rich Lazzara. Yet another pivotal player onboard was a subcontractor of sorts—Gerry Janelle, president of Janelle Engineering, a South Florida firm that field tests equipment capable of measuring heretofore unmeasurable performance parameters during sea trials. Janelle was hunkered over a Pelican case stuffed with electronic componentry, ready to graph shaft horsepower, torque, and propeller slippage for both main engines.
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