A Florida-built cat brings good living and good value into one package LOOK AT THE COOPERS. NICE folks. They retired in their 50s. Glenn was an international consultant; Pam, a software programmer. They've been cruising the U.S. East Coast and Bahamas for three years and having a fine time of it. When they started their cruise, they sold everything. A car and a storage locker sit somewhere in Rhode Island; otherwise, the Coopers have fully committed themselves to the sea. Their boat is their home, and when they started cruising, they chose a J/34C- not a wallowing Winnebago, but an agile and pretty performer. In fact, Pam, once a licensed captain, owned her own Freedom 32 before she ever met Glenn. She's sailed Europe from the Med to the North Sea. The Coopers are real sailors, so when they outgrew their lovely but petite J Boat, where everything they wanted was "under something else," they began to look for another real sailboat.
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