By Roy Attaway Motor Boating & Sailing, October 1999 A very-American Sea Ray 380 Sundancer finds itself very much at home on the Italian and French Rivieras. Of all the picturesque ports of call along the Ligurian Coast, the Italian and French Rivieras, none can match the exquisite charm of Portofino. I have been fortunate enough to confirm this opinion many times over the years. So, it was for that very selfish reason that I suggested to the folks at Sea Ray that we begin our cruise here. Definitely one of my better ideas. And Jyrki Jaamaa (YIR-kee YAH-mah), who runs the Sea Ray Yachting Centre at La Napoule, near Cannes, readily agreed. He'd never been here before and was anxious to see it. He would run the boat over, he said, and pick me up.
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