TAKE A BIG BITE... I put Sunseeker's Predator 68 into a hard turn and felt like I was in a much smaller Cigarette or Apache. The big British-built cruiser laid over on its side, maintained momentum, and held its line as I cranked the wheel ever tighter. Normally, I would expect an inboard-powered boat with propeller pockets in the bottom to ventilate the outboard prop in a hard turn as the boat lays over, resulting in partially exposed propeller blades. That wasn't the case with the Predator 68, because Sunseeker designed the boat with shallower tunnels than it has used in the past. The tunnel indentation is a sixth of the overall prop diameter compared to about a third of the prop diameter on past Sunseekers. The lower positioning in the water may mean the Predator 68 has a deeper draft than other boats in its class, but I'll take that trade for stellar handling.
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