Carver 35: Calling all nations. AFTER EONS OF THROTTLE-BENDING EVERYTHING FROM HARD-chinned pot haulers to spit-it-out-your-eye wave benders, I’ve developed a marine classification system. I hear a boatbuilder’s name and it rattles around my cranium like the steel ball in a roulette wheel and then falls into a prepared slot. Donzi, Mariah, Cobalt: sleek, plush-lined go-fasts. Hatteras, Ocean, Viking: longstriding, solid comfort. Blackfin, Pursuit, Bertram: functional, go-for-it-with-style fish in’ machines. Tiara, Sea Ray, Wellcraft: jetset, sexy performance. Carver? A no-brainer. Sturdy, midwestern value; cruisers that are built with the dependability - and resemblance - of a Conestoga wagon. Sex appeal? Get real.
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