The Pacific Seacraft 34 does everything right. Designed by W.I.B. Crealock, the 34 exhibits a turn of speed that is normally the exclusive realm of the all-out racer, yet with the kind of construction that brings dreams of blue-water cruising within your reach.  Everywhere you look, from her solid bronze fittings and hardware to the exquisite detailing of her teak joiner work, the unparalleled excellence of the master shipwright is in evidence. Superb design, uncompromising construction and rigid attention to every possible detail combine magnificently to create the Pacific Seacraft 34, an exceptional, beautiful and well mannered cruising yacht. Whether roaming the sea or savoring a weekend getaway, she's a yacht to provide endless comfort and exhilarating sailing under all conditions.

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Photos and description courtesy: Pacific Seacraft Yachts


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The 34 typifies the quality that the sailing world has come to expect from Pacific Seacraft.

Excellence Throughout... The Pacific Seacraft 34 typifies the quality that the sailing world has come to expect from Pacific Seacraft. Everywhere you look, from her solid bronze fittings and hardware to the exquisite detailing of her teak joinerwork, the unparalleled excellence of the master shipwright is in evidence.

And the excellence is throughout, whether you can see it or not. Her fiberglass hull and deck are built to the most rigorous specifications. 100% hand laid-up and squeegeed to remove all excess resin for optimum strength to weight ratio. The vital deck/hull connection is engineered with a double flange bedded in high tensile polyurethane adhesive compound and thrufastened with ¼" 18-8 stainless steel bolts. It is the strongest, most watertight connection available in current production technology.

Adding even greater strength and resistance to torsion and flexure is the yacht's highly sophisticated reinforced fiberglass interior module. Hull and interior are bonded into one monolithicstructure, a method far superior to conventional techniques.

Understanding the heritage and the philosophy behind the Pacific Seacraft 34 is relatively easy. You need look only as far as the Pacific Seacraft 37. Clearly a slightly smaller sister, the Pacific Seacraft 34 is a refined sibling which boasts the same seagoing capabilities, the same beauty and the same adherence to the control and comfort of her owner.

Indeed, control and comfort have been central to the entire design of the Pacific Seacraft 34. Hulls with easy overhangs make for fast and comfortable ocean passages. Owners report that her canoe stern enables her to maintain surfing speeds under complete control. Her underbody has earned a reputation for close windedness. And her balance under sail builds confidence — even in those who are not greatly experienced.

And because man does not live on deck alone, the 34's interior provides a neat functional arrangement with efficient quarters for the cook, for the navigator and for all who demand comfortable living as well as excellent sailing. I have tried not to lose sight of the fact that owners of the Pacific Seacraft 34 will want to enjoy their boat — and that they may want to share their enjoyment with others.

From the quality of the laminate to the strength of the rudder to the hand rubbed teak joinery in the cabin, the Pacific Seacraft 34 will take you to sea with safety, efficiency and a touch of elegance. A Pacific Seacraft 37 owner described his yacht as a boat destined to become a classic. -W.I.B. Crealock

Excellence begins with design
A proper sailing yacht must be a harmonious blend of technical sophistication, mechanical integrity and artistic beauty. Only with technical sophistication will she provide the degree of performance that will keep you smiling when other vessels sail close at hand. Only with mechanical integrity will she endure the rigors of time. And only with artistic purity can you truly love her.

Built with pride
The Pacific Seacraft 34 has these attributes in abundance. Unique in a world of production boat building, she is constructed in this country.

Balanced Performance 

Performance is an all-encompassing word when applied to a cruiser. It certainly includes speed, but that is only part of it. Of equal importance is comfortable motion and balance. A boat may be capable of record breaking passages, but if her crew is uncomfortable during the passage or worn out at its conclusion, it's not fun and it's not what cruising should be.

The Pacific Seacraft 34's moderate displacement contributes to both comfort and speed. With a length on deck of 34' 1" and a displacement of 13,200 lbs., the 34 is light enough to make her swift, heavy enough to make her comfortable, and spacious enough to hold ample stores for a long passage.

Hull shape also affects motion (comfort) and speed. All the advantages of the Crealock designed canoe stern with ample overhang have been well proven in the Pacific Seacraft 37 and are incorporated in the Pacific Seacraft 34.

Canoe Stern 

Crealock notes that the canoe stern "gives appreciably better lines to the hull than the other double-enders, and it offers that vital factor of reserve buoyancy without presenting too much of a rump to the seas: it does, however, take a lot of care in the designing. If you would judge a stern, realize first that it will have more effect on the motion of the boat than will the bow. Secondly, when the going gets really tough, your stern will probably have to serve as your bow."

Light, cheerful and warm
A soft and easy-to-clean white matte finish pervades throughout the cabin, providing the right counterpoint for resplendent hand rubbed teak joinery. Together, these elements merge and create an appearance which is light and cheerful, rich and warm. Full 6'3" headroom makes for accommodations of comfort and ease — a real feeling of home that's seldom found aboard a sailing yacht.

The best and the brightest 

Fresh air and light stream in through ten bronze opening ports and two deck hatches. If it's raining, close the ports and hatches and let a pair of dorade vents provide all the ventilation you need for ultimate comfort.

Elegance and function — the main salon
The spacious main salon reflects a traditional layout with modern innovations. Port and starboard settees provide excellent sea berths, and the port settee converts easily into a wide double berth. The port settee back is cleverly designed to allow instant access to storage behind, yet remains totally secure underway. Teak storage lockers and bookshelves with removable fiddles will keep your personal gear and the ship's library safely tucked away. Teak ceilings are another indication of Pacific Seacraft's attention to detail.

A choice of two different salon tables is offered. The bulkhead mounted table may be used fully extended for dining, partially extended for casual use, or folded completely out of the way for additional space in the salon. A drop leaf table gives a most traditional feeling to the cabin, providing secure handholds and a permanent lee cloth.

In the forward cabin is a large V-berth that can be converted to a double berth, with lockers underneath, full length shelves along the hull, and a double hanging locker.

The head compartment hasn't been overlooked; it has storage lockers above and below the sink, and includes such amenities as a teakframed mirror, hand holds and towel bar. The molded in shower pan is covered by a teak grate.


The head compartment is attractive and easy to clean, with a soft white matte finish trimmed in hand rubbed teak. Ample stowage for personal items is provided above and below the sink counter.

Her gourmet galley
The galley is a masterpiece of functional utility. The hinged teak dish locker, deep stainless steel sink, stainless steel stove with oven, laminated cutting board and ample storage lockers will warm the heart of any sea-going chef. Her galley will satisfy the heart of a gourmet cook. There's a remarkable amount of stowage space in cabinets and drawers, including a custom teak dish locker and a removable trash container that fits into the counter top. A deep double stainless steel sink with a foot operated pump, gimballed stove with oven, and a large, well-insulated ice box complete the arrangement.

Nav Station

The navigator's station is located on the starboard side of the companionway ladder where it is easily accessible from the cockpit. It features a large chart table with flip top storage compartment, a master control panel that is hinged for easy access to wiring, and convenient cove for electronics. The forward end of the quarter berth serves as a secure seat for the navigator. Beneath the chart table is a wet locker for hanging foul weather gear. The ship's navigator will feel right at home at this large 31" x 40" teak chart table. The master electrical panel and navigational equipment are located close at hand.

In keeping with the Pacific Seacraft reputation for uncompromised quality, much of the hardware is custom built based on the experience of what is necessary offshore. Special vertically mounted stainless steel lifeline stanchions, solid bronze portlights with tempered glass lenses, and the deck woodwork are all installed with the knowledge of how wind, sun, and saltwater can combine to attack an ocean crossing vessel. All hull and deck hardware installations begin with carefully hand drilled holes that are sealed with resin to protect the integrity of the lamination. The hull and deck are watertight. All of these little things add up to carefully thought out design and construction to insure comfort and safety.

Her stern provides critically important reserve buoyancy without presenting too large a surface to an angry sea.

Her elegant bow flows smoothly into a long keel and sturdy skeg-hung rudder for directional stability and balance, providing exceptional handling qualities under both sail and power. For protection against accidental grounding or when careened, the bottom of the skeg and rudder are not quite as deep as the bottom of the keel. The skeg also allows for a propeller aperture which protects the propeller from being fouled by kelp, lines and debris.

The 34's keel is a solid lead ballast secured by stainless steel keel bolts fashioned into J-hooks. Each keel is custom fitted to the hull — a time consuming task, but one that is essential to achieve proper alignment. The hull and keel arc joined in epoxy with the keel bolts backing plated and then the nuts properly torqued by skilled boatbuilders. In addition to being the heaviest practical ballast, the lead keel protects the hull in a grounding, avoiding cruising delays due to gelcoat and fiberglass repair.

The Pacific Seacraft 34 is also offered with an optional shoal draft Scheel keel. A Scheel keel is an alternative, not a compromise. In fact, its center of gravity is within 1" of the deep draft keel. None of the superior handling characteristics are lost; what is gained is the ability to sail into waters which are off limits to deeper draft boats.

The PS 34's split underbody is essential to her balance and ease of handling. The hull section between the keel and skeg is drawn deep to enhance straight line tracking. The distance between keel and skeg contributes significantly to her outstanding maneuverability.

You'll stay cozy and dry
Special design and engineering features you won't find on most production boats — make the Pacific Seacraft 34 cozier and drier for you and your crew. Lifeline stanchions are thru-bolted to the vertical bulwarks instead of the horizontal decks. Thus, water is prevented from finding its way through the bolt holes. Also, the hull-to-deck joint is double sealed to prevent water from entering. And chainplates are thru-bolted to the hull — they don't leak, and they provide a wide shroud base for superior mast support.

One source of aggravation on most cruising boats is taking on winddriven rain and spray under the forward edge of the sliding companionway hatch. This irritation has been eliminated on the 34 by Pacific Seacraft's unique sea hood. Constructed of fiberglass, and utilizing internal drain channels, it shields the main hatch and prevents water from entering the cabin through it.

Sailing Rig
Her rig is designed for strength and built to last. Hefty aluminum spars are coated with two part liner polyurethane finish for ease of maintenance. With an eye toward the rigors of the open sea and the need of the cruising sailor to effect repairs quickly and easily, standing rigging is of the highest quality 1x19 stainless steel wire leading from open-body forged bronze turnbuckles.

A highly efficient sail plan contributes to the 34's capabilities. While a powerful performer under sail, her balanced rig and reasonable size of individual sails makes her a pleasure to handle by every member of the family.

Secure attachments and precise sail control
A stainless steel plate sits at the base of the mast. It offers secure attachment point for blocks, shackles or other gear. Deck drains are molded in to keep side decks dry. Runoff is channeled via heavy duty hose to the boot top so the hull remains free of stains and dirt. All cleats, ports, winches and chocks are solid bronze and, along with the lifeline stanchions and deck blocks, are thru-bolted to the deck with full backing plates. For precise sail control, a roller bearing mainsheet traveler is installed over the companionway hatch.

The cockpit
The Pacific Seacraft 34's cockpit was designed and built with one thought uppermost: comfort. Comfort underway and comfort at the dock. On a cruising boat, the cockpit is as much or more a part of the deck. It's a second salon, an alternative dining area, an additional stateroom on balmy summer nights. The cockpit seats are a lengthy 6'5" so the tallest crew member can stretch out in total comfort. Sitting is equally comfortable, with the Pacific Seacraft 34's molded-in contoured seat backs. Add cockpit cushions, and you'll never want to get up.

High coamings are designed with integral winch islands and a pair of built-in boxes to hold the winch handles. An exceptionally large lazarette and seat lockers provide a wealth of storage for sails and cruising gear. A high bridge deck adds to her structural integrity and watertightness in stormy weather, while two oversized cockpit drains allow fast self-bailing.

One feature on the Pacific Seacraft 34 that is missing in most other cruising boats is a large engine hatch located in the cockpit sole. Normally held in place and kept water-tight by a gasket seal and knurled brass retainers, it can be quickly removed for additional access to engine, transmission, steering and stuffing box.

Port Settee
The port settee provides comfortable seating for relaxed conversation. Behind the seat back cushion is a large, easily accessed storage compartment. The settee can be quickly converted to a comfortable double berth. Bookshelves and storage lockers are located above port and starboard settees.


LOA: 34'1" (10.4 m)
LWL: 26'2.5" (8.6 m)
Beam: 10'0"(3.0m)
Draft: 4'11"(1.5m)
Draft (Shoal Draft Scheel Keel) 4'1"(1.2m)
Sail Area: Sloop: 534 sq. ft. (50 sq. m) Cutter: 649 sq. ft. (60 sq. m)
Hull: Fiberglass (hand layup) 
Spars: Aluminum, painted
Ballast: 4,800 lbs. lead (2,177 kg.)
Displacement: 13,200 lbs. (6,123 kg.) 
Headroom: 6'3" (1.9 m)
Berths: 6
Mast Clearance: 44'3" (13.5 m)
Auxiliary: 38 hp. diesel
Designer: W.I.B. Crealock
Fuel Capacity: 38 gal. (144 liters)
Water Capacity: 75 gal. (284 liters)
Ice Box: 6.0 cu. ft. (0.169cu. m)


Specifications and details of this vessel are provided in good faith for informational purposes only. Data regarding the specifications, operating characteristics and condition of the vessel was obtained from sources believed reliable but is not guaranteed by owner or brokers. Buyer assumes responsibility to verify all speeds, capacities, consumption and other measurements contained herein and otherwise provided and agrees to instruct his agent or surveyor to confirm such details prior to purchase. Vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price and inventory changes and withdrawal from market without notice.

Engine hours are as of the date of the original listing and are a representation of what the listing broker has been told by the owner and/or actual reading of the engine hour meters. The broker cannot and does not guarantee the true hours. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to verify engine hours, warranties implied or otherwise, and major overhauls as well as all other representations noted on the listing brochure.

Dick Simon Yachts offers the details of this yacht in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of this boat for sale. A yacht buyer should instruct his yacht broker, or his boat surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This yacht for sale is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice. THIS BOAT IS SUBJECT TO AN EXCLUSIVE LISTING AGREEMENT WITH WEST COAST YACHTS (949) 673-2060 AND IS NOT OFFERED FOR SALE BY DICK SIMON YACHTS. Dick Simon Yachts is merely providing this information in an effort to represent you as a buyer in the purchase of this vessel.

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