Eddy Riener

Eddy Riener (Sales)

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Eddy is a Southern California native that has been working in and around yachts his entire life. As son of Ed Riener (Ed Riener Diving Company), he's enjoyed maintaining and piloting boats for the past 15 years. Serving 6 years in the Navy (Avionics Technician Second Class), he's enjoyed traveling for the past decade and is here to stay. After graduating San Diego State University with his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, he's been with us, acquiring excellent customer service skills that we swear by here at Dick Simon Yachts, and has a good amount of knowledge about boating. 

Skilled in negotiating and managing sales on behalf of his clients, Eddy is an excellent 'buyer's agent' who is dedicated to getting you the best price for any yacht for sale in Southern California. His vast technical knowledge and computer abilities have given him a learning advantage as times change, granting him access to negotiating tools that few in the industry use in 2015. 

Call, text or email him today and let him help you find your next beach condo, fishing machine, mobile office, retirement destination or just spend your KIDS' INHERITANCE! He's available at any hour of any day, unless he's out at sea or climbing a mountain. Give him a call!



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