Daphne is a Southern California native, born and raised just a few miles from Dana Point Harbor, in San Clemente.

In 2010 Daphne and her husband Joe Martino became Shareholders in DSY.

From surfing to paddle boarding, or just simply walking the harbor admiring boats as a child, Daphne has always loved and respected the ocean. Daphne has owned owned along with her husband Joe, a 50 ft. Sea Ray called "Living Life" and many other yachts since then. She loves the open ocean and takes any opportunity she can to get away.. and live life.

Daphne's educational background includes fitness, nutrition, Educational and Holistic Kinesiology, and art Design. She is currently working on her Bachelor's Degree in Metaphysics and enjoys every opportunity to learn.

Daphne feels that all aspects of boating are a wonderful adventure, full of joy and a sense of peace. The boating community is a support system of neighborly people, quick to befriend, lend a hand, and share in "Living Life" as it was intended.

The Advertising boards posted at the office are Daphne's design and her responsibility to maintain, interact and bring to the public the most current, accurate boat sales information DSY has. Hope you enjoy the boards.