Slips in Oceanside ARE TRANSFERABLE, with minor conditions. Below, you'll find information about the current availabilities and waitlist.

NOTE: Your vessel may exceed the length of the slip by 36" (3 feet) and not an inch more, as measured by the Harbor Patrol. This means that, if your vessel measures exactly 46' to the inch, you can get a 43' slip. Same goes for the other slip sizes!

City of Oceanside MARINA


1540 N Harbor Dr
Oceanside, CA 92054

Oceanside Harbor Slips

Space SizeFor Vessels MeasuringMonthly Slip Rent**Current Waitlist/Applicants
34'30'-37'$13.70-15/ft.~1.5+ year/ 34 in line
43'38'-46'$13.70-15/ft.~9+ months/ 17 in line
51'47'-54'$13.70-15/ft.~1.5+ year/ 14 in line
End Tie up to 100'Up to 103'$52/ft.~2+ year/ 10 in line