"When you get up in the morning, get dressed and just go to work all day, you're out of touch with the cycle of the day. Sometimes you don't even know if it's day or night," Robert DeFranco says. "Being on the water you're much more in touch. The water is flat in the morning and there is a layer of dew on the boat. Then it can get a little raucous in the afternoon. After a beautiful sunset, it's calm again. Boating has a real natural cycle." He would know. This 39-year-old trader from Connecticut recently purchased a 4300 Convertible, his fifth Tiara, or his eighth if you count the three Pursuits he has owned (another division of parent company S2 Yachts). Not to mention a Viking and a Cabo mixed in since he began boating in the early '90s. "But I've settled on Tiaras," declares DeFranco. He can't wait until Tiara introduces the 4800, to "go back to get more of what I've got."
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