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Fountaine-Pajot Catamarans for Sale

Founded by Jean-François Fountaine and Yves Pajot in France in 1976, Fountaine Pajot is now the world’s leading manufacturer of cruising catamarans having built more than 2200 sail and power multihulls. With two state-of-the-art production sites in La Rochelle - the heart of one of the world’s most important boatbuilding regions - Fountaine Pajot employs an elite multidisciplinary team of more than 400 people and is renowned for its continued investment in technology, production industrialisation, research and design.


The construction of Fountaine Pajot catamarans includes verifications at every stage in conformity with ISO 9001. The fibreglass fabrics are checked before use and each stage of lamination is followed by an inspection. Pressure during vacuum-gluing operations is continuously measured and the quality of the result is systematically checked over the whole glued surface. The hardness of the composite is measured on each element using the Barcol procedure, and samples taken from each boat are kilntested in order to verify resistance to hydrolysis. The resistance to wear and weathering of the adhesives used for the lining and floors are also tested. There is complete traceability of every unit that leaves the yard – a rigorous system essential for subsequent maintenance. The company's technical department and engine manufacturers conduct sea trials on all boats to guarantee delivery in perfect condition.

Quality Inspections

When completed, the boat goes to the test basin where all of its equipment is tested, and a sprinkler system checks the whole structure is completely watertight. For future reference, the technical department maintains a comprehensive file on every vessel, which contains the details of all the materials and products used and all equipment installed. Exact drawings of certain specific components are also archived, as well as samples of the composite. I.C.N.N Product Certification All Fountaine Pajot catamarans possess ‘EC Type’ I.C.N.N Product Certification in conformity with European directive 94/25 CE. The Fountaine Pajot yard is also the first French boat builder to have obtained ISO 9001 Quality certification for the entire production cycle of its vessels. This certification is an international standard designed to improve customer satisfaction, ensuring the company continues to build on its high standards of product and management procedures.


Unsinkability and the bulkhead structure inside Fountaine Pajot’s catamarans are key elements in their safety. Unsinkability is ensured by volumes of foam placed in the forward and rear extremities of the hulls. Fountaine Pajot 5 The watertight bulkheads in the stem of each hull provide total isolation; even after an impact causing a leak, only the forward compartment floods and the boat can continue to sail.

Fixed fins For safety reasons the fins are completely separate components to the hulls – a feature that preserves and protects the watertightness of the boat in the event of a violent impact, and also makes them easier to repair or replace if required. Shock-resistant fins The use of fin keels over daggerboards provides numerous advantages: they are fixed and therefore require no manipulation; they give perfect protection to drive shafts, propellers, rudder blades and hull bottoms in the event of grounding; the absence of a daggerboard case saves space; their wind-tunnel designed profiles give exceptional performance and generate no turbulence or vibration.


Fountaine Pajot catamarans are built from a sandwich structure with a PVC foam core laminated under vacuum. Fountaine Pajot leads the industry in this technology, consistently making significant investment in the advancement of injection moulding technology to allow resin injection at far higher pressure, delivering a lighter, stronger and more consistent product. For ultimate protection against hydrolysis, only isophtalic gelcoats are applied to hulls and decks by spray-gun. Also, the recent introduction of vinylester rather than polyester resins from the waterline down further enhances strength and hydrolysis resistance.

Custom-made fabrics

Fountaine Pajot, in collaboration with Chomarat, has designed their own fabrics with mono and multi-directional fibers in different weights in order to optimise the weight and structure of the boat. In accordance with the quality control process, for every model an exact sample of each fabric allocated to specific zones in the vessel is prepared and recorded. The choice and composition of fabrics differs according to the zone orientation to ensure fabric weights are optimized with respect to the stresses distributed throughout the boat.

Infusion Process

The entire structure of the boat is built up in layers of dry-bonded fabric. Under vacuum, the resin is able to penetrate into every empty space in a single operation, which affords multiple advantages: protection of the environment and anticipation of new regulations relating to solvents; improved working conditions, and a perceptible weight saving resulting in improved sailing performance.

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