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Selene Trawler Yachts for Sale

In 1970, a famous Taiwanese architect named Dr. Da-Hong Wang was commissioned by the government of Taiwan ROC to design a memorial as a gift to the United States, which was to commemorate the successful Apollo 11 moon landing. Since the NASA project was called Apollo, after the greek God of the sun, and the project's goal was moon exploration, Mr. Wang decided it would be appropriate to name the memorial "Selene" after the mythical Greek goddess of the moon. Unfortunately, the memorial project was designed but never completed. However, years later, Howard Chen became a student of Mr. Da-Hong Wang at the Graduate School of Architecture, Tunghai University, Taiwan. When he learned about the memorial project he decided to call his new line of yachts "Selene", so that his mentor's dream could, in name at least, finally make it to the United States. The first yacht arrived in the US in 1999, and to date there are more than a hundred of them cruising both coasts of the US and around the world. With the spirit of excellence, Selene Ocean Trawler is emerging as a world leading brand in the luxury long range trawler.